Indian Food Tasting

Indian Food Tasting: How Good Their Cuisines Are?

Indian foods are one of the most famous cuisines in the world because of the different spices used in their cooking. Their famous Indian spices are now widespread all over the world and many people are now tasting Indian cuisine because many of them have gone to different countries, and some of them are already in other countries. They have built their Indian restaurants and introduced their national cuisine that can also be tasted in other famous countries such as in indian food hong kong restaurants.

Traditional Indian foods to taste


One of the most popular countries around the world, when speaking of delicious foods, Indian foods are one of the most famous. The food Indians serve reflects the unique combination of cultures and regional identities of the country. Shaped by the country’s long and tumultuous history, Indian cuisine carries influences of the colonizers from the East and West and a range of religious practices and beliefs.

indian food


What makes these Indian foods unique are:

  • Unique regional delicacies
  • Unique cultivation of religious and cultural influences
  • The signature aromatic spices

There is much to explore when speaking of Indian food. The iconic curries and breads widely recognized in Indian food out of the country, are enhanced by the following:

  • bustling street food culture
  • celebratory dishes
  • ancient beverages

All these make the vibrant world of Indian food. Here, you will learn and discover the traditional Indian foods that you may add to your bucket list when visiting restaurants serving Indian food in Hong Kong.

Indian breads

In many global cuisines, the foundational element of Indian food is bread. Although similar in appearance and ingredients, it has different styles of bread all over the Indian subcontinent, distinguished by the following:

  • distinct cooking techniques
  • textures
  • types of flours

An essential in the Indian food experience, bread is an appetizer with various chutneys, sauces or dips and as to accompany a snack or meal. It is soaked up by the rich gravies and curries common to Indian food. Here are the different types of Indian breads to choose from:

  • Naan
  • Chapati
  • Paratha
  • Papadam

If you are Indian, you are familiar with all these types of breads and can distinguish which one is more expensive and usually chosen by most consumers. So, if you have visited a restaurant and want to try Indian food, include in your bucket list the breeds of Indian foods.

Indian street foods

Indians are not just known for their good and tasty bread, but what makes Indian cuisine more popular is the unique cooking styles and preparation techniques of their street foods.

Street food is central to the Indian food culture. Each region, state, and city has its own delicacies and local favorites. A lot of regional Indian foods are enjoyed along the bustling streets and are found across the country under different spellings and names. Most street foods are simple and filling the dishes are easy to make and eat, but still rich with the bold aromas and flavors of:

  • fried dough
  • savory vegetables
  • toasted spices

There are more Indian foods to discover and taste in Indian Hong Kong restaurants.