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Serviced Apartments: The Future Of Real Estate Investment

Do you plan to take a trip? You will have lots of options. Which accommodation to reserve? Serviced apartments are furnished residences.

Serviced apartments are unbeatable in the real estate industry. Business travelers who pass through cities desire to stay somewhere isolated. TheĀ 1 bedroom serviced apartment hong kong is good for conducting business meetings via phone or online. The serviced apartment is an ideal alternative for business travelers.

Serviced apartments

Serviced apartments can provide all the conveniences needed. The changing expectations of visitors to stay and work in a serviced apartment offered more perks. The settings are for shorter durations. The owner makes occasional use of the home. It is ideal to visit an area to own an investment property regularly.

In real estate property strategy, serviced accommodation makes more rental revenue. A 1-bedroom serviced apartment is preferred rather than buildings to rent for a more extended period.

Are serviced apartments profitable?

A profitable prospect is one factor serviced accommodation has. It produces a return on investment. You can rent out these units letting property owners make high profits.

Why stay in a serviced apartment

There are reasons why staying in the serviced apartment is beneficial:

Concierge services

Most serviced apartments have 24/7 concierge service. It assists guests with a plethora of knowledge, including:

  • local cuisine
  • transportation tips
  • room deliveries

Comforts of home

Staying in a 1 bedroom serviced apartment feels like being in a comfortable home. In the apartment, it has separated spaces of:

  • living rooms
  • bedrooms
  • entertainment facilities

Fully-functional kitchen

Serviced apartments are better for long stays. You may use a serviced apartment with a fully equipped kitchen space. It is complete with everything from:

  • dishwasher
  • refrigerator
  • washer/dryer

You can request the concierge for a meal.

Customized stay

A serviced apartment stays molded according to needs, from special requests to guidance.

Privacy of space

For everything you do, a service apartment offers the necessary privacy. Recreational activities facilitated in the serviced apartment are:

  • entertainment
  • hosting guests
  • organizing a dinner party

Cost efficacy

Serviced apartments offer the same services. It has different levels of luxury at a lower cost.


The serviced apartment doesn’t only offer a secure stay, including:

  • mandatory sanitary
  • safety guidelines
  • sanitization
  • handling of guest luggage

Room service

Serviced apartments offer various services, such as:

  • regular housekeeping services
  • ensuring the room is spick and span

Fully furnished

Serviced apartments are fully furnished units to cater all the guests’ needs.


Serviced apartments have more space. You should be sought after by long-stay business travelers.

Serviced apartments are self-contained properties. These are 100% professionally run apartments. It means the high standards of business travelers are provided. The service apartment is the best unit.

In serviced apartments, you are free from:

  • big contracts
  • hefty deposits

The serviced apartment is known as aparthotel. It is an apartment in a specific building in the housing complex with all the amenities. A serviced apartment is the best bet for extended stays and long visits.

Serviced apartments are available to rent for a temporary period.